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Sanborn Submarine Team

Follow our Journey to the 2025 International Submarine Races in Washington, DC!

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Our Trailer for our Upcoming

Upcoming Documentary of the 2023 races.

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About Us:

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Welcome to the updated website for the Sanborn Submarine Team! In 2023, a passionate group of 18 students joined forces to continue the legacy of the Sanborn Submarine Team. Under the guidance of Mr. Enright, they are preparing for the 2025 races.

The team has obtained scuba certification and is currently engaged in intensive training sessions to master underwater operations. They are also building a cutting-edge submarine and actively fundraising for their project.

A talented team member is documenting their journey, creating an inspiring documentary to share their achievements. Follow their progress through easy-to-view graphics and stay updated on their exciting project.

In the upcoming school year of 2023-2024, the team looks forward to competing at the David Taylor Model Basin in 2025, representing Sanborn High School against other esteemed institutions.

The Sanborn Submarine Team embodies dedication, perseverance, and innovation. Join us in supporting their incredible journey towards success in the 2025 races!

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To learn more about the International Submarine Races visit this link:

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Meet The 2024 Team:

A new year means a new team of submariners for Sanborn. Meet our new members as they take on this challenge!

Team Members: Alaura, Brendan, Cayden, Cooper, David, Ellie, Grace, Harry, Jade, Liam, Lila, Lokas, Megan, Nicholas, Polas, Sarah, Savannah, Summer, Ryan, Lyric

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Our Journey: 2023-2325

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New Team Members

complete Scuba Certification


Met With Dave Miliner Of

Milliner Marine Services to

plan new hull


Submarine Team Tours the

UNH Marine Facilities

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Submarine Team trains and

tests current Submarine

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Submarine Team starts

construction of

new Submarine


Submarine Team sells

Maple Syrup at

Alternate Sales in Kingston


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